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       Buddhism & Angel
       Champa Sculptures
       Lanterns, lamps
       Pedestal , Base
       Table, chair
       Vases, flower pots
       Dolphin, Fish
       Lady& man statues
       Rockery, Scenery
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Anh Vuong base was established in 1995 in the village of Non Nuoc Stone Fine Art (129 Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang)

Specializing in production of stone handicrafts and other items manufactured according to customers requirements quality. goods by air, sea and road

Anh Vuong was the basis of many customers at home and abroad preferred. A team of skilled workers, highly skilled art, style and communication service warm, friendly customer

2007 Anh Vuong established Facility Co., two members, to present his kingdom company active in the production and trade, exports of handicraft items to many countries around the world and guests in popular

2009 Anh Vuong has received international business award 19th of products and services recognized talent and business strategies by commercial organizations offices and club leaders, given Gift Cup with 40 other countries doans

 International Awards 19th on products & services, Gold Cup with 40 countries entrepreneurs


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